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Medical: Rules Regulation


Rules Regulation



1. You have decided to become a doctor and to study medicine is not a joke. it is possible only after  5.6 year of intense hard work  . if you are not intelligent enough to understand material and understand the way how you should study in university , your study days will be disaster for you. so always think twice before deciding to be doctor that -  if am i capable enough to study medical subjects ?

2. When you will come to penza , your identity will not be a city name or state name. you will be an indian here . and lots of things which you will do here( both good & bad) will  effect on our small indian community studying  here.

so indian students association of penza has made some rules and regulation which all indians must follow in order to create a successful and appreciable indian community compare to other 45 nation community living and studying in penza. its in our best interest if we all will follow these rules so that we earn more respect then any other country.

kindly dont miss understand these rules as some kind of way to show our strictness. All these rules written down here are normal customs that how a student must behave n leave in Russia. These are not even rules for any Russian student as these are normal acceptable and obvious understanding for them. So when we have decided to become a part of Russia's education system we also must live and behave accordingly Russia's normal way of life and studying.


1. Always wake up at least one hour before so that you can take bath and breakfast properly  before going to university.
2. Always reach class five minutes prior to the scheduled time. If you are late even for a minute teacher may not allow you to attend class and will put absent for that class/lecture.
3. 100%t attendance are required in all classroom  & lectures. Wear iron pressed neat and clean apron / white coat everyday.                                                                                
- u must know full names of your teacher and you must address them calling their first and second name. Like if name is – IRINA , fathers name – YURIVNA and surname is – RODINA , then you must address her IRINA YURIVNA MADAM.
4. Do not speak in native language or crack joke during classes. Teacher may not understand it and will feel that he/she is being insulted by you.
5. Student of 1, 2 & 3 year must not have long hair and beard. Its very uncultured and unhygienic to have these in university.
- Student of 4,5 and 6 year must wear formals with tie on as u ll have classes in hospitals where patients will judge you from your dressing sense.
6. You must know and recognize all the universities staff, your teachers, Dean office staff , hospital staff and your hostel staff  and whenever you see them you must pay respect to them by appropriate greetings.
7. In your final exam of any subject, lots of depend on how you have studied,  perform an attendant regular class and lectures.  so you need to be very disciplined and regular student during the Semester
8. On the first day of each Semester you must go to Department to take whole Semester lecture and  practical class topics.
9. According to  topic of your  lecture you must read text book a day before the lecture , so that you can understand material what is being taught in the lecture.
10. Attendance in lecture is 100% compulsory as lecture are the main source of information.  after lecture you will have your practical class for the same topic after a week.
11. Before coming to class you must learn your lecture and read all necessary regarding topic from the textbook. in the classroom teacher will ask orally about the current topic so you must come well prepared in the classroom.
13. Student must buy all the text book either from India or from Russia .
14. There are lots of e-books , course work , lecture slides ,dictionaries and educational material available on our website .after registration on our website you can download the material for your daily use.

15. while taking an admission and entering in 1 st year students can choose their room mates and group in which they want to study but after completion of 2nd and 4th year university will change all students group and room mates accordingly their academic performance.

16. If you want to visit india during academic year then you must check that after returning from india ,your total absents is less then 40 per year . If you have already missed more then 40 classes then unfortunately you will not be allowed or you will get academic notice immidietly. And in case you get permission then maximum you can visit india for 10 days during academic year including Saturday-Sunday. If you miss more then alloted days Then unfortunately automatically you ll fall in black list and if it will occur once then you will get written notice and if you will do it again next year then you will be rusticated and even during year if some has missed more then 40 classes then they will get first notice and even after getting notice if they will continue to miss classes and lectures then same month they will be its in your own interest that you miss less class and arrive from india on time and don't visit india without serious reason.


1) Rooms must be neat and tidy at any time.
2) No Smoking & No Drinking
3) Girls  are not allowed on boys floor and girls-boys not allowed at stairs between 01:00 am to 07:00 am. If we will find such cases, we will take action & we will inform parents too.
4) Boys are strictly restricted on girls floor.
5) After 11:00 pm no one is allowed to go out of the hostel premises and not allowed to come inside.
6) No loud sounds after 09:00 pm. If any students complain about loud music or any kind of noise then the committee member will take action against it.
7) Please remove your electric appliances from the plug as you leave the room.
8) Kitchen should be neat & clean. If dirty vessels are found in the kitchen more then two times, dirty vessels will be dumped in the dustbin.
9) No one is allowed to burnt candle or inscence stick (agarbatti) or oil lamps (diya) in room.
10) All the damages in the room and to the furniture done by students will have to be paid and repair by themselves.
11) Please do not ask your friends to seat in room and pass time gossiping from monday to friday.
12) Extension, room heater or any stove is strictly not allowed in room.
13) Washing machine and refrigerator must be bought after the permission of the komindant.
14) If you buy a woolen carpet, you must clean it regularly. If you don’t clean it and if we find insects or dirty for more than two times, carpet will be taken away and you will get it back after graduate or leave hostel.
15) Dirty vessels and food left over must be cleaned immediately. Such things must not be found in rooms.
16) Fan can be used only in June-august.
17) Extra cloths extra, extra vessels and extra luggage must be kept in your bag only.
18) Kitchen will be cleaned once in a day by maids.While cooking don’t make gas messy with food left over. Kindly clean after your cooking and throw waste in dustbin. Don’t make kitchen messy and dirty. Wheat Flour sacks must be kept in plastic jar (not plastic bag) which must be closed
19) From 2017-18 academic year we will provide dining tables and cupboards with lock facilities in kitchens . No students are allowed to keep grocery items in your rooms. . All students must have their lunch in dinner in kitchen dining table only.Not inside room.Wheat Flour must be kept in plastic jar (not plastic bag) which must be closed.
20) Cooking time is from 6-30 to 9-30 pm
Compulsory study time  10 pm to 1 am.( max till 1-30 am)
Compulsory all need to sleep from 1 am to 7-00am.For grp study there should not b more then 5 students in room.

Note: if anyone break any of these rules more than two times than they will have to leave the hostel. Students breaking rules will have to give a written explanation which we will put on this websites 's parents section.
        - If hostel captains and floor captains will not do their duty, they will have to leave the hostel.


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